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Cricket. They/them/theirs pronouns. Transmasculine genderqueer white person studying environmental justice at a liberal arts college. This blog is mainly reblogs with occasional selfies and personal musings. Expect lots of trans and QUILTBAG things in general, environmental topics (especially food justice), and critical commentary on racism, ableism, and classism in a mainly U.S. context. I also post occasional cute animals, Harry Potter fandom things, and cool embroidery when I need a pick-me-up.
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…because it is really hot here in Southern California (who knew? haha), and they make me feel a little bit strange.

Yeah, sure, I guess they make the shape of my chest more obvious, but when I look in the mirror while wearing one, all I really focus on are the strong slopes of my shoulders and the hard line of my jaw and the shadows falling on my neck that accent my barely present Adam’s apple, and I feel more like a guy in drag than ever.

It’s kind of a nice feeling, for obvious reasons, but it makes me feel like an impostor when I go into women’s bathrooms. My breasts act as some kind of free pass into female spaces that I don’t always think I deserve. Give me a necklace and a top with cleavage, and I don’t feel like a girl - I just feel like a spy.


There is this really rad and informative magazine on transmasculinity called “DUDE” that you can download for free, so what’s not to like about it? It is also cool if you can give them a few bucks to help ensure that they keep making amazing stuff. The download link is here: http://dudemagazine.wordpress.com/2011/08/07/dude-is-live/